Review Requests
All reviews will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon (if applicable), and on my monthly YouTube channel wrap ups. I can also tag the author or publisher on Twitter when the video goes live if they would like this feature.

I rate books on a 5-star system.
5 Stars-I loved it! This book crosses genres and would appeal to many people.
4 Stars-This book is a great read. Many people will get enjoyment out of this.
3 Stars-This is a good-average book. It may have a more niche audience.
2 Stars-This book was ok. There were problematic elements.
1 Star-This book is not for me.
My reviews are given in a format that allows me to highlight what I didn't like, what I did like, and who I recommend this book for. I do not send my reviews to authors for approval ahead of time.

I do read all genres and age categories.

I can accept .pdf, .mobi, .epub, or physical copies of books for review.

If you need the book by a specific due date, please be sure to enter it below. I cannot accommodate all reading deadlines, but I will take them into consideration.

I am not compensated for my reviews or my time and all opinions are, obviously, my own.

Please do not submit the same book for review more than one time. I will email you whether I can take on your review request or not, check your spam filter if it has been two weeks and you have not yet heard back from me.

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