50 Linden Clock Designer Application
The 50 Linden Clock is a new way of boosting your sales, brand name and traffic!
The clock allows you to put 1 item on sale for 50 minutes for a price of 50 Lindens in our web based clock when and wherever you want!
This can be at any moment of the day and designers have the complete freedom to offer an item whenever they feel like.
Shoppers can find all the designers offers on our website with a direct teleport, Facebook group or discord server and you as a designer are also allowed to promote your 50L$ sale in there.

We promote the 50 Linden Clock a lot!
We advertise on websites and social media like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr and Inworld groups.

Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/50lindenclock
Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/bFwVzMa
Our website: https://50loclock.virtualty.space/

1. Original price of the item needs to be at least 99 L$.
2. No copyrights or TOS issues.
3. It is required to be a member of the group (owner or manager).
6. The clock must be displayed prominently in your store as soon you receive the designer kit.
7. The item doesn't need to be an exclusive, it can be something from your collection already.
8. No resellers, no yard sales & 1 sale at a time.
9. A service fee of 4L$/sale will be automatically deducted.
10. Applying doesn't mean you are accepted, we will let you know if you are accepted or refund you if not.

INWORLD: Reece Maloney
DISCORD: reecemaloney#9326
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