Armoury mural consultation
FoRP seek to consult the community as to which wall(s) on the Armoury will be muralised and what the designs should feature. There are many visual matters: do we want it in black and white, sepia or in colour? Do we want several discrete images or one big image or a big image with different parts (like the existing mural)? We could even have a small image on each wall, as if they were "windows" into the building as it was 80 years ago.

To give us your views, please complete the electronic survey form below. Paper survey forms will be available at our local screening on 12th May in the Masonic Hall and from Art et Facts at 19 Roseburn Terrace. The survey will close on the 12th June after which the results will be announced on the FoRP website here and at the Murrayfield Community Council meeting on the 25th June.

The detail, we shall work out at a brainstorming workshop to be held in Roseburn with the artist, on Sat 15th June. If you want to attend that workshop, please indicate as such at the end of the survey below, or on the paper survey form, or when you attend the screening.

The mural will be produced over the summer and launched on the 1st September, to mark the 80th anniversary of the declaration of WW2 and the 74th anniversary of its conclusion, six years later. We want the mural to celebrate the people who helped keep Edinburgh safe through that terrible time, the deadliest conflict in human history. What they did in and around the Armoury - and why and how they did those things, to protect us from air raids.

Read more about Air Raid Precautions in the UK in WW2 at

Read more about this project on the FoRP website at
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