Graduate Writing Fellow application 2018-19
The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Graduate Writing Fellowship offers graduate students from all disciplines a valuable professionalizing opportunity to work with other graduate students on their writing through one-on-one consultations and to learn Writing Across the Curriculum theory through monthly professional development meetings and a year-long project. We highly encourage students from a range of disciplines to apply so that our program can represent the diversity of interests and talents on our campus.

More information about WAC at UC Davis can be found here:

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday April 23rd, 11:59pm

Time Commitment and Responsibilities:
Graduate Writing Fellows (GWFs) can expect a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week. Activities might include:
A. Consulting with graduate students on their writing
B. Shadowing faculty at workshop presentations
C. Leading graduate student writing retreats
D. Attending professional development meetings led by faculty and writing fellow mentors
E. Facilitating writing/working groups for graduate students
F. Completing a project related to writing by the end of the spring quarter. Past projects of Graduate Writing Fellows can be found here:

At the start of each quarter, GWFs will receive a schedule of all required activities such as meetings, trainings, and writing retreats.

Professionalization and Mentoring:
Graduate Writing Fellows should leave the program with valuable experience and relationships that will benefit them in their future careers. The professionalization component of the fellowship involves:
A. Seminar-based preparation program designed to help fellows successfully support other graduate student writers one-on-one.
B. The chance to communicate with, support, and learn from other graduate students from across the disciplines.
C. The opportunity to present at undergraduate or graduate Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) workshops with both faculty members of the Writing Across the Curriculum Team and other Graduate Writing Fellows.
D. The practice of designing, implementing, and assessing a year-long project to benefit graduate student writers at UCD. The projects of former fellows can be viewed here: Our fellows often have the opportunity to discuss their projects at professional meetings such as the College Composition and Communication Convention or the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference.
E. A letter of recommendation after completing the fellowship program from the WAC Workshop Director and the University Writing Program Director.

For questions please contact:
Melissa Bender, Director, Graduate Writing Fellows:
Lauren Fink, Lead Graduate Writing Fellow:

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Please attach a letter of interest that demonstrates significant interest in writing as well as success in writing within your own discipline(s). Be sure to discuss: why you are interested in the GWF program; what you will bring to the program; what you hope to gain from the program; relevant experiences (e.g. working with colleagues on-on-one, working with diverse populations, organizing events) *
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Invitations for interviews will be sent once all applications have been reviewed. Interviews will take place mid-late May. If selected for an interview, do you prefer to meet us in person on the Davis campus or interview over Skype? *
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