Executive Summary of the Cultural Excellence Center & Scholars Program

We are the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, a collective of undergraduate and graduate Arizona State University students, alumni, faculty, and members of the community. We are calling on our institution to recognize the systems of oppression that prevent Arizona State University (ASU) from realizing its goal of inclusion. We take seriously the values and design aspirations outlined in ASU’s Charter. We believe these provide a structure through which ASU can embrace its position as number one in innovation in order to create an environment where its students, faculty, and staff from marginalized communities can thrive.  As an institution that aspires to transform society by being aware of and connected to social needs,  ASU can achieve this design aspiration through the creation of programs and services for those most impacted by these systems of oppression. The following is the executive summary of the programs, services, spaces, and policy changes that would help ASU to realize its goals outlined in the ASU Charter.

The programs and services we are requiring are to address the following deficits, gaps, and challenges ASU currently has:

1) The need to recognize race and other marginalized identities
2) The need to provide increased services for marginalized communities
3) The need to provide a physical space for marginalized communities
4) The need to address the hostility towards marginalized communities through training, services, and a safer environment

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