2GGC Nairo Saga Volunteer Form
2GGC: Nairo Saga event page: https://smash.gg/nairosaga

Hi this is Champ from 2GG,

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering at Nairo Saga!

For this event we will be needing the communities assistance to make the event run as smooth and as efficient as possible for everyone. Volunteers are the unsung heroes and we truly appreciate you all for doing this.

Here are some of the possible choices to help us out:

Pool Captain

* Responsible for running pools during the event.
* Must have a strong understanding of tournament rule set and standard procedure
* Experience in TO or running events is a plus
* Must be able to attend the orientation on Friday night before the event or in the morning on Saturday

Check In and Cashier

* Check in smashers to the event
* Experience in customer service
* Retail experience


* Control the camera
* Stage Control


* Jack of all trade

As for compensation, you will receive the following:

* Reimbursement on your venue fee based on your time
* Free lunch!

Thanks again!

For additional information, please email luke@esportsarena.com and bam@esportsarena.com

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