Impact-Focused Organizations
Hi, I'm Becca, the founder of Like Hearts Lab, a sustainable, accessible, impact-focused campus for early to late stage social enterprises, B-Corps, and other socially-conscious small businesses.

I am looking to create this campus first in rural Colorado, however, would be grateful for responses from around the globe.

Feedback from this survey will help me to validate (or invalidate) some of my hypotheses, whether there is a real business need here, and how to prioritize features and amenities of the development as I further cultivate this vision. In addition, this feedback will help me to clarify the unique value proposition of the community and identify where any potential blockers or bottlenecks might exist.

Thank you so much for taking 5-10 minutes to be here.

If you'd like to learn more about Like Hearts Lab, please explore or email And if you are open to a virtual conversation in the future to share more about your experiences, please provide your email address at the end of this survey.
Which of the following best describes how you identify as it relates to making impact?
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Which of the following describes your company? (Check all that apply.)
How many employees does your company have?
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Where/how do you connect with other impact-focused professionals?
What does community mean to you?
Where do you find support and inspiration?
In what areas do you wish you had more support?
Can you tell me about the role sustainability and impact play in how you source products, services, or partnerships for your company?
What do you feel is the hardest thing about running an impact-focused organization?
Do you currently rent, have you rented, or are you considering renting commercial space?
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