Summer Camp 2018 Registration Form
PARENTS MUST FILL THIS FORM & SIGN - in order to admit his children into class.

The last date for Registration is July 9, 2018.
Check, cash and money order are the accepted forms of payment.
Summer Camp 2018 -- First day of class is July 9, 2018 and the last day of class is August 1, 2018
Age Requirement: Student has to be 5 years or older.
Financial Aid is available for the parents those require assistance – please see administration.

The program is designed to create a learning environment that would reinforce discipline and key Islamic
values and principles. The following disciplines are expected to be met by the student :
• Islamic dress code is mandatory for all students.
• Students are expected to respect the class and the Masjid and conduct themselves accordingly.
• Students are expected to complete their assignments and home works consistently and diligently.
• Students are expected to play only in the Masjid property play ground during the breaks and at no other times or anywhere else.
• Parents are expected to work with the program and follow up with the students on homework and reinforce the values at home.
• Parents are expected to prepare the students with the above information.

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