ACF2020 : SPMC Registration Form
The Self-Promotional Movie Registration Course (SPMC) provides you with an another opportunity to register ASEAN CARRER FAIR with JAPAN 2020 (ACF), where your short movie presentation could work as a different tool to promote yourself in addition to your normal application with your CV to ASEAN CAREER FAIR with JAPAN 2020.

Japanese companies attending ACF will view and check your promotional movies, which may bring your an another way to join ACF. You will be invited to ACF if any of the companies show interest in your video presentation.

You may even be invited to an interview for a Japanese company!

Self-Promotional Movie Registration Course (SPMC)
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From mid-December 2018: Notifications will be sent in order of reception of application.
The ASEAN Career Fair with Japan Committee will contact (by email) only those who have passed the SPMC screening.
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