Undergraduate House of Representatives
My name is John “JB” Butler III, and I am delighted to serve as the Speaker of the House for the Undergraduate House of Representatives! I am ecstatic that you have taken your first step in wanting to serve your fellow classmates as a Representative for the 2019-2020 school year! This will truly be a LOT of fun! For me, SGA has truly been an amazing experience as it broadens your understanding of GT as a whole as well as ensure that the needs of students are met.

Before you should apply; however, you should understand the responsibilities of Undergraduate House of Representatives Reps; stated below:

- ALWAYS meets on Tuesdays from 7:30 (1930) - until the end of business. (which could mean late nights)
- Required to hold ONE OFFICE HOUR every 2 weeks (either in Major Specific building or SGA office depending on constituency)
- Required to CORRESPOND to CONSTITUENTS (students who you represent) at LEAST Monthly. (Newsletter, updates, etc.)
- Required to go to at LEAST ONE ENGAGEMENT EVENT per semester (which is an event by an organization that gets funding from SGA)
- Required to be on at LEAST ONE COMMITTEE
- Required to go to ORIENTATION (August 21 or 22)
- Required to wear BUSINESS CASUAL at a minimum to weekly UHR Meetings

After this application, you will be asked to interview with 3 House Leadership members: The Speaker of the House, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. After deliberation and such, we will select those representatives for each seat.
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