HKAC Archi-Talk & Walk: Adaptive Reuse on Historic Building - “Treehouse of Knowledge ; The University of Chicago” 香港建築中心 建築講場及導賞 - 活化歷史建築:「知識樹屋 .芝加哥大學」(9 Mar 2019)
HKAC Archi-Talk & Walk : Adaptive Reuse on Historic Building: “Treehouse of Knowledge ; The University of Chicago Booth”

The Former Victoria Road Detention Centre on Mount Davis (known as “White House”) have been transformed into a new Asian Hub for The University of Chicago’s renowned School of Business, The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus. The site contains Grade 3 Historic Buildings, which was originally part of Jubilee Battery, later converted to become British Army Royal Engineer’s Officers’ Mess and Quarters, and the Special Branch of the Hong Kong Police Force’s Detention Centre. Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects) and Revival Heritage Consultants Ltd are the Project Architect and Heritage Consultant engaged to revitalize the historic site, with the “Treehouse of Knowledge” design concept in which a ribbon-shaped new building floats above the contours of the site and integrates with the heritage buildings, touching down only at points of least intrusion, to create spaces for unique experiences and interaction between people, history and nature.

During the tour, Mr. Gavin Tun, Architects Earle Briggs, Architect Kwan Lam and Conservation Architect May Ho will expand on this and talk about the background and how the revitalization project was completed. Do not miss this if you wish to know more about it.

Date: 9 March, 2019 (Saturday)
Speakers: Mr. Gavin Tun, Executive Project Director of The University of Chicago Hong Kong Centre
Mr. Earle Briggs, Director of Revery Architecture
Architect Kwan Lam, Senior Architect of Revery Architecture
Conservation Architect May Ho, Director of Revival Heritage Consultants Ltd
Moderator: Architect Tony Lam, HKAC Archi-Talk Committee Chair
Time: 10a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Venue: The University of Chicago Booth, 168 Victoria Road, Mount Davis, Hong Kong
Language: English
Cost: HK$180 (HKAC Member) / HK$250 (Non-Member)
Quota: 50 (First-come, first-served. Priority will be given to HKAC members)
Online Application:
Application Deadline: 25 February, 2019

香港建築中心建築講場及導賞 — 活化歷史建築:「知識樹屋 .芝加哥大學」

位於摩星嶺前域多利道羈留中心(俗稱「白屋」)已活化為「芝加哥大學袁天凡.慧敏校園暨香港賽馬會芝加哥大學教育綜合大樓」。校舍範圍內的三級歷史建築物,原是銀禧炮台的一部份,後來改建成為皇家工兵團的食堂及宿舍以及皇家香港警察政治部的扣押中心。來自加拿大的Revery Architecture (前稱譚秉榮建築事務所)及Revival為此項目的建築師及保育顧問,透過「知識樹屋」的設計意念,絲帶型設計的新大樓依山而建,細緻地與現有的歷史建築群融為一體,務求對歷史建築作最少程度的干擾,並為公眾提供一個新的公共空間,與歷史及大自然交流。

日期:2019年3月9日 (星期六)
講者及導賞專家:敦嘉文先生 – 芝加哥大學香港發展項目中心高級總監
Mr. Earle Briggs– Revery Architecture總監
林曉筠建築師 — Revery Architecture高級建築師
何心怡保育建築師 — Revival Heritage Consultants Ltd總監
主持:林中偉建築師 – 香港建築中心建築講場委員會主席
費用:港幣$180 (HKAC會員) / 港幣$250 (非會員)
名額:50 (名額有限,額滿即止。香港建築中心之會員可享有優先權參與是次活動)

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