Paka Electric: Trusty Trucker Market Survey

Thank you for taking the time to consider Trusty Trucker and offer your insights.  Our goal is to deliver radical value to our customers with a safe and friendly off-road motorbike offering the most essential features.  Your responses will help us make Trucker the perfect motorbike for the American outdoors.  

This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

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The following features describe Trusty Trucker.  Please rate the value of each feature regarding how it would impact your buying decision.  When answering this question, we hope you are comparing Trucker against other products available on the market. *
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Very negative impact
Negative impact
Neutral (no impact on purchase decision)
Positive impact
Very positive impact
Not clear what this feature is.
Removable battery
Low maintenance (similar to all electric vehicles)
Appearance/Style (see picture)
Range: 50 miles of moderate off-road riding, 70 miles on flat road at 20mph
Clean/quiet drivetrain
Step-thru frame
Carrying capacity: 200lbs
Easy to DIY/modify with your own components
Walk mode (limits bike to 4mph)
Price: USD$3,199 + USD$250 shipping
Weight: 135lbs bike + 45lbs battery
Three power/riding modes (low, medium, high)
Trailer hitch
Safe / Easy-to-ride
Road legal (when you fulfill your state’s moped license/insurance requirements)
Purchased from company website and shipped to your door.
Hill-climbing ability: 25% grade @ 20mph with 170lb rider
Adjustable seat height
~1000 charge cycle battery
Product support is online and via phone
12" motorcycle wheels
Top speed: 30mph (USA moped regulation)
Reverse mode
Easy to upgrade with accessories purchased from Fluhm
Zero emissions
What is Trucker missing?  Or, what features are you concerned about?  Please remember that features must be balanced against cost.

For what usage would YOU want Trucker optimized? Choose one response per row.

A) Carrying big loads or B) Basic transportation (without big loads)
A) Calm acceleration and relaxed ride feel or B) Hard acceleration and aggressive ride feel
A) Long distance trips or B) Short-distance runabout
A) Smooth trails and roads or B) Rocks, roots, mud, and deep sand
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