Utah Ranked Choice Voting Toolkit Handouts and Resources Feedback Form
Thanks for your interest in improving your elections with ranked choice voting! We want to make sure you're equipped with everything you need to run a successful campaign and that your group is able to sustain itself throughout your fight to modernize our elections. Please use this form to provide feedback on the Handouts and Resources available at www.utahrcv.com/resources/handouts and to let us know what else we can provide to ensure your success.

If you're looking to get involved with organizing going on in your city, county, or district, for more info, simply email social@utahrcv.com, and you will be contacted as soon as possible by either a UtahRCV staff member or a local volunteer organizer on the ground. Thanks!
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Are there any other handouts that you wish you had available to give out when educating the community or presenting to a specific group on RCV that are currently not in the Toolkit?
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