GEWLEX 2019 Startup Sprint Challenge
"sprint /n/ - In project management, the term "sprint" refers to setting a defined period during which you plan to complete a particular task or goal. It's a heads down, concentrated, fully focused effort to achieve an end goal in a short amount of time."

Does your startup have a goal or milestone it needs to meet? GEWLEX organizers want to help motivate you this fall to accomplish something substantive for your startup! Between now and Friday, November 22nd, we challenge you to make a sprint of your own. Want to establish your online presence? Launch a Shopify store? Create a Lean Business Plan? Maybe you want to complete ten customer discovery interviews. It can be anything!

The sprint challenge will culminate with a finish line event on November 22nd, where you and your fellow sprinters can gather to celebrate and share the results of your sprint experience.

Register below to be part of the GEWLEX 2019 Startup Sprint Challenge!

Those who participate in the challenge and present at the GEW Sprint Challenge Finish Line event on Friday, November 22nd at Base110, will receive five additional entries in the Infinite Getaway drawing.
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