Survey - May 2020
Hi Church!

We plan to begin holding services in person again this June 2020. We will start off by having family services where, as per our governor's request, we will initially section off family seating throughout the sanctuary while also observing social distancing guidelines. Initially, this means there would be no separate kids ministry and families would all remain together.

As we process additional guidelines, we’d love to hear from you regarding your personal thoughts and feedback.

Please take a few moments to fill out this survey.

Thank you!
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If we begin having live services on June 7th, how will you be attending?
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Would you be willing to start serving on Team this June?
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If you have apprehensions about returning to church, what measures could Citipointe take in order for you to be comfortable with returning?
If you will not be attending church in person this June, when do you think you will be comfortable with returning?
Would you be willing to RSVP for the first few weeks in order to help us better accommodate your family?
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