Latin School Alumni: Worlds Collide
On National Latin Day (April 19) we're partnering with Worlds Collide (founded by Christopher Deutsch '93 and Solon Teal) to organize two small group meals for Latin alumni. We would love to have you join us for some authentic, human conversations between alumni. Please note that space is limited.

**What Worlds Collide does**
Worlds Collide enables serendipitous and genuine interactions between people with diverse personal and professional life-experiences. We want to remove the trivial small-talk, and give people the ability to build a human connection over a meal.

**How it works**
1) You sign up below, and Worlds Collide then creates a personalized dining group for you to meet and eat with for one hour. We aim for a mix of Latin alumni years, industries, and backgrounds.
2) We keep everyone’s identity hidden, so you don’t know who you’ll be dining with beforehand. Furthermore, to help encourage open conversation, we have One Rule: No work talk for the first 45 minutes of the meal.
3) We hand-deliver an envelope containing a conversation starter to kick off the meal's discussion. We want you to relax and meet others in a genuine way. There's no hierarchy, and no wrong answers. Just humans connecting over a meal.
4) In the last 15 minutes, everyone may finally reveal their professions, and alumni year.
5) Contact information will be automatically shared after the meal, so leave your business cards at home.
6) We will be splitting the bills; if you get the lobster, please help cover a little extra of the tip!

Breakfast will be at Beatrix, 519 N. Clark St. from 8-9AM
Lunch will be at Hampton Social, 353 W. Hubbard St. from 12-1PM

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