Maloney PTA Board 20-21 Membership - We Need You!
Maloney PTA is recruiting for its 2021-22 board. Interested in being a board member? Please complete the form below and email to If you'd like more information on being a part of the board, please feel free to reach out to the current board and our staff representatives (contact below). We would also like to invite any interested people to our executive board meeting on: April 13th at 6pm over a zoom Call

• President, Frances Steingrimsson -
• Treasurer, Paresh Vernekar -
• Secretary, Salonee Shirsekar -
• Executive Vice President, Nimisha Mistry -
• Parliamentarian, Khushboo Murarka (Kay) -

Staff Representatives:
• Principal Wood -
• Mrs. Rodriguez -
• Mrs. Aseltine -
• Mrs. Horning -

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