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Welcome! Thank you for proposing an idea to TEDxPerth for the Open Mic Night on 23 July at The Moon.

You can propose as many ideas as you like, but we'll only select one.

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- Ideas don't have to be world-changing.
- You have between 1 and 8 minutes to share your idea.
- Unlike TEDxPerth major events, you can hold a few notes. But no reading a script!
- Be specific. Vague statements are hard to value.
- There's no screen, so don't rely on visuals.
- There isn't space here for a script, so give us the overview.
- Don't tantalise in your proposal. You've got our attention - give us the whole idea, along with what backs it up.
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If we select you to take part we'll be in touch in early July.
If we don't select you to take part we'll be in touch in mid-July.

Good luck!

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