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Use this form to give details about self-access publications you'd like to see featured on the JASAL website. Please follow the example format for each submission type (journal article, article in an edited book, book) carefully. If your publication does not belong to one of these categories, please follow APA guidelines wherever possible.

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JOURNAL ARTICLE: Gardner, D., & Miller, L. (2013). Self-access managers: An emerging community of practice. System, 41(3), 817-828. ARTICLE IN AN EDITED BOOK: Sheerin, S. (1997). An exploration of the relationship between self-access and independent learning. In P. Benson & P. Voller (Eds.) Autonomy and independence in language learning (pp. 54-65). Harlow, UK: Pearson. BOOK: Ellis, G., & Sinclair, B. (1989). Learning to learn English: A course in learner training. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
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