Nation Board Candidate Support Registration 2021-2022
Candidate Support is an extension of the Jumpstart courses. The sessions are designed to help you focus on the requirements for each component and to give you support as you gather evidence and prepare to submit your portfolio for certification review.
Required for all candidates participating in HSTA and KSBE NBCT cohorts. To be eligible to register you must have attended either a NB Information Session or participated in NEA Jump Start. Each cohort will include seven two-hour meetings over the course of school year 2021-2022
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Virtual Cohorts: We will do our best to place you in your first choice cohort. Each cohort will include seven two-hour meetings over the course of the school year 2021-2022. Exact dates will be provided later by your facilitator.
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By submitting this form you agree to the participant statement below: *I understand that the certification process is rigorous and requires both intense self-analysis of my teaching practices and a demonstration of my content expertise. I also understand that the responsibility to develop and complete the certification materials and requirements rests entirely upon me. I will have multiple opportunities to share my work during the live discussion sessions. Candidate entries will be included for discussion in the order they are received by the Candidate Support Provider. If my CSP has a large number of readings, I understand another trained CSP may read and provide me with feedback. A candidate support provider (CSP) will be available to read two of my drafts and provide personal feedback. I will choose which drafts I would like a CSP to review. CSPs will not read for candidates who have not attended any of the virtual cohort meetings. Although the Candidate Support Providers may provide me with resource materials, guidance, mentoring and/or technical assistance, I am solely responsible to judge their relevance/irrelevance and to integrate or reject any suggestions or guiding questions. Ownership of the portfolio and preparation for the Assessment Center remain with me. Candidate Support Providers cannot make choices for me. *
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