Rural Carrier Hot Topic Survey
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Should the NRLCA create a National level position for an "RCA Represenative" to help with the perception of adequate representation regarding RCA issues? *
If a resolution passed that would allow RCA'S to apply for permanent managerial positions, select the eligibility requirements that should apply: *
Do you feel there is a potential conflict of interest between non-career and career employees within the NRLCA? *
Select your status: *
Who would you elect as Director of Steward Operations? *
Is Kevin Terry trying to divide the union? *
Rate on a scale from 1 to 5 how beneficial the "Rural Carrier Associate Support Group" on Facebook has been to RCA's. *
Not beneficial at all
Very beneficial
What term limits should the Director of Steward Operations have? *
Should we pass resolutions that level out the range for RCA's to be converted to career? *
Do you think our National Board is "selling out" the NRLCA at contract negations then blaming the arbitrator for any failures? *
Should we pass resolutions that allow qualified RCA's to apply for permanent managerial positions and resign as an RCA if accepted? *
What term limits should the National President and Vice President have? *
What type of Steward System to you prefer? *
Overall, on a scale from 1 to 5, rate how satisfied you are with the NRLCA. *
Very Satisfied
Select any of following actions you feel weaken the NRLCA because it's creating more non-career employees rather than career employees? *
Do you think the National Board is selecting stewards who can be absolutely controlled, rather than by their qualifications? *
Do you believe fighting for retirement buyback is a lost cause? *
Should we pass a resolution to get rid of the ARC? *
Should we pass a resolution to bring Auxiliary Routes back to 39 hours rather than 42? *
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