Affirmations & Heart Heard Meditation and Journalling Challenge Survey
I greatly appreciate your thoughts/feedback/testimonials about both the AFFIRMATION CHALLENGE & THE HEART HEARD MEDIATION/JOURNAL CHALLENGE.

Thinking about both of them in combination. What challenges did you have before the affirmation challenge started, what both challenges helped you with, and the outcome results you received by going through this process/experience.

You have been my amazing group of test this process out. I'm going to be changing a few things up, putting the affirmations and heart heard mediation/journal in offering: one 7-day morning routine practice (unless you have other ideas/suggestions that would provide more value?). The meditation will be a wee bit longer, with more space and pause to think and write (the one you experienced felt a bit rushed for me - what do you think?), and I'm going to have an affirmation cheat sheet (all my favourite affirmations - would this be helpful?), and workbook of how to create powerful affirmations specific to your needs/challenges for maximum activation and acceleration (yay, nay, good or bad idea).

Once everything is done, I will be posting this offering both in the FB Group and my Website FOR FREE!!!... sooooo you can go through the process again with the upgrades from your input. ;)

To show my appreciation for your feedback/testimonials I have another gift ready for you when you finish this survey!! :)


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How did you feel after the Challenges & what outcomes/results did you experience? *
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Is there anything that would have made your experience better? Any questions or clarification needed about the process? Any errors you noticed that need to be fixed? Any wording that is confusing, and needs more or less explanation? Your feedback is greatly valued and appreciated to improve upon the experience for others. Thank-you!! *
I oftentimes find that this feedback is the best way to describe my offerings to others. Would you be willing to allow me to share this information with others upon request and/or in a testimonial (either on my website or social media platforms)? If yes, please let me know if I can include or not include your name, photo, URL, and/or IG/FB handle. Thank-you!! *
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