Swim Away From Screens with Westmount Neighbourhood Association
Apply here for your chance to win up to 8 weeks of Family Swim passes to Harry Class Outdoor Pool.
Winners will drawn at random and contacted the week of June 25th 2018.
*Family pass includes: max of two adults and all children living at the same address.
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Harry Class Pool is located at 45 Woodside Ave, Kitchener
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Based on the below guidelines for screen time, on average; how does your families screen time compare? For those under 2 years old the recommendation is: NO SCREEN TIME. For those 2-4 years old the recommendation is: LESS THAN 1 HOUR A DAY. For those 5-17 years old the recommendation is NO MORE THAN 2 HOURS OF RECREATIONAL SCREEN TIME A DAY * *
What can excessive screen time be responsible for harming? *
Help encourage your family to be active this summer by staying within recommended screen time limits; Putting screens away during important times of day, including mealtime and bedtime; and replacing some screen time with other activities.
What do you enjoy most about the benefits of swimming?
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