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Desired Start Date of Care:
Currently we are aiming to start a cohort this summer (July or August), but depending on interest in an earlier start date we can work to accommodate an earlier start.
Probable End Date of Care:
Most kids stay with us until Kindergarten entry, but if you have another date in mind do let us know.
Morning Program options *
Priority is given to families who can attend 5 days a week to keep our cohort as small and stable as possible.
Days of the Week
M/W/F and T/TH are the typical 2 and 3 day options, but we may be able to accommodate alternative schedules
What days are you interested in aftercare 1-3pm
If a full (10-12 children) cohort is interested in aftercare 1-3pm we would be open to extending the preschool day.
What is your child's previous childcare experience?
Check all that appy
Describe your child's eating habits and family meal time routines
picky or loves to eat, favorite foods, least favorite, frequency, any other comments
If we offer aftercare from 1-3pm, we will offer a short "rest" quiet time, however, a true naptime will not be possible. When at school does your child need a nap?
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Our program is 100% outside, adults will always wear masks (be vaccinated when eligible), and we will have small, stable cohorts of children. We will employee many other universal hygiene and safety best practices listed on our website. https://www.mightybambinis.com/safety
One benefit of a small, family-centered program is we can be nimble and responsive to the needs and desires of our children and families. Children have a deep need to connect, feel "same-same" with other children and have consistent, clear expectations. Therefore we feel passionate about our cohorts being grouped with like-minded families as it relates to mask rules and COVID risk tolerance. We are aiming for 2 cohorts based on family preferences regarding masks. If there is enough interest for 2 programs, Evelyn who is vaccinated to teach in both programs 2 or 3 days a week, however, other teachers will be only working with one cohort. Please share your preferences.
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If you have more ideas / comments for COVID related policies please share. As I said, our small program can easily adapt and support family preferences.
What three words describe your child?
Describe your child's experiences in social situations with peers 2-6 years old
Describe your child's recent reactions when in a new childcare situation with a new caregiver or environment such as a gym drop in childcare, with a new sitter/friend, etc
How do you handle behavioral concerns/situations at home?
What are some factors impacting your decision to enroll in childcare?
Do you have any concerns about Mighty Bambinis meeting your needs?
How did you hear about us?
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