25% Early Vol.1 Bounty Distribution Queries
Please submit the following form in case you are a Vol.1 Bounty participant and you have not received the 25% of your rewards during 10 - 17 December 2018.


* The form will be available for submission during 14 days from 17th December 2018 until 30th December 2018.
* All queries will be processed in 10 days for their validity until 9th January 2019.
* Official list with additional distribution will be posted on 11th January 2019.

In case you were not able to submit the form during that time you will be able to claim your XDMC tokens after the second 25% distribution in February 2019 or after the final Bounty reward distribution.

Please help us to understand your problem and elaborate your query below in the special line.

Friendly reminder: Due to a massive number of potential fraud attempts and our willingness to keep high standards of customer service any query without clear problem elaboration of the problem will be ignored.

You can review the allocation list here: http://bit.ly/2EsbCbL
You can review you bounty reward here: http://bit.ly/2QmS5zL

In case of questions please contact us: https://t.me/MPCXPlatformBountyChat
or our bounty managers: @TasCrypto, @SpyrosCrypto
In which campaign of our Vol.1 Bounty Program did you participate in? *
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What is your spreadsheet number? *
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Please elaborate your query here (any query without clear problem elaboration will be ignored) : *
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