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Assalaamu Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

This is an URGENT and DIRE appeal to our Muslim community to assist us in becoming trained Foster Parent(s).

Muslim Foster Parents are CRUCIALLY needed in our community so the abused, neglected & orphaned children can remain close to what is familiar to them i.e their schools and families. This is a *FARD KIFYAH* obligation upon all in our community.

As a Foster Parent, not only will you be highly rewarded in this life and in the hereafter, inshAllah, but also you are providing a safe & caring environment which will help ensure that our  children receive Islamic education, medical care and the family support system.

Currently, we do have a handful of Muslim children that MUST be placed in Muslim Foster Homes and unfortunately we DO NOT have any families that would take them.

The result is, our Muslim kids are being placed with non-Muslim Foster Parents in which they might loose their religion, culture/ identities.

To eliminate any misunderstandings and cultural taboos about Foster Parenting, InshAllah we'll be partnering with "Foster & Adoptive Care" to hold talks and workshops in all major Mosques of St Louis.

If you are wanting to be a Foster Parent and/or what to seriously inquire about what it really means to be a Foster Parent, please fill out this form: 

The Social Services of IFGSTL will reach out to you within 48-hours to assist you in the Foster Care application process.

Families who foster will receive pay & full government reimbursements for every penny they spend taking care of the Muslim child's needs.

For more information:

Jazakum Allahu Khair,
Social Services of IFGSTL
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