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The Laurel Historical Society needs your help with the Laurel Museum's 2023 exhibit on the histories of our surrounding communities in the greater Laurel area, entitled "It's All Laurel: City Limits and Beyond."

We want to understand the history and development of the neighborhoods and communities outside of the historic area. You know more about your community than we do and we want to hear from you!

Answers will not be shared with the public or put on display, but the collected information will be used to develop exhibit panels and document information for the archives.
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Area of Laurel in which you live: (For example, North Laurel, West Laurel, Russett, etc.)
Neighborhood or Housing Development in which you live: (For example, Laurel Lakes, Montpelier, etc.)
What county is your neighborhood/development located?
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When did you first move to this neighborhood/housing development?
What attracted you to move to (or stay in) this neighborhood/housing development?
In what ways has your neighborhood/development changed over time? (For example, changing demographics, building or removing structures, changing landscapes, etc.)
Has your neighborhood/development physically grown since it was first established? How so?
How do you define the boundaries of your neighborhood/area of Laurel? (For example, by streets, landscape features, emergency services, school districts, voting areas, or tax districts)
How did your neighborhood/development get its name?
When was your neighborhood/development established?
What is historic about your neighborhood/development?
What object/place/idea represents your neighborhood/development?
What local organizations are part of your neighborhood/development?
Does your neighborhood have special activities or events that take place (For example: block parties, community gatherings, etc.)
Do you have any artifacts or materials relating to the creation or evolution of your neighborhood (photographs, maps, directories, menus, publications, etc.) that you would be willing to loan or donate for the exhibit and/or permanent collection? Items can also be scanned to our Digital Collection and returned immediately.
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Would you be willing to volunteer with the Laurel Historical Society and serve as a Community Curator for this exhibit?
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Do you know anyone else who might have more information about the history and growth of the neighborhood?
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What did we miss? Is there any other information that you want us to know?
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