Minimal Impact Bushwalking Trainee Nominations/Applications
Do you have an interest in bushwalking, conservation and working with people?

An exciting opportunity exists for a limited number of confident communicators with a training background, and significant bushwalking experience, to learn and lead Leave No Trace/Minimal Impact Bushwalking training. Successful participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment which forms part of a professional outdoor guide's training.

In return for receiving this free 1.5 day ‘train the trainer’ program, you will be supported to provide Awareness Workshops to members of the public and others in your bushwalking club. The training will help you help preserve our natural areas, and meet people new to bushwalking!

Time Required:
• A 1.5 day ‘train the trainer’ weekend - to be held on 12-13 August 2017 at Glenbrook/Blaxland, NSW
• Self-study and preparation to provide training to others
• A practice club-member awareness workshop/information evening
• 1 day of Leave No Trace awareness workshop provided to members of the public

Good for:
• Skilled volunteer
• Environmental/outdoors/education trainers

Interested in:
• Education and Training
• Environmental ethics – minimal impact skills and ethics, biosecurity, fire, wildlife
• Bushwalking/outdoor activities

• Professional training and accreditation in the government approved, Minimise environmental impact course:
• Statement of Attainment provided
• Logistical support to sign up participants and source location for you to deliver 1 day of awareness training to members of the public
• Promotional description of the awareness training you can provide to your club

• Cost of meals provided for train-the-trainer, and general public training days
• Free camping and national park entry on 11-13th August 2017
• Small travel subsidy
• Statement of Attainment

See lots more details here:

Also, contact Bushwalking NSW if you have questions:

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Previous relevant experience (if any) with education/training
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Please indicate the Nominee/Applicant's current knowledge in the following areas? (Bushwalking NSW will use this to tailor the 1.5 day training course and report on the course's outcome)?
Some awareness
Good (but not current) awareness
Good awareness of current knowledge in this field
Extensive, current knowledge in this field
Awareness of Minimal Impact Bushwalking principles and practices
Awareness of Leave No Trace principles and practices that relate to bushwalking in NSW & ACT
Awareness of biosecurity issues and threats that relate to bushwalking in NSW & ACT
Awareness of weed hygiene issues and threats that relate to bushwalking in NSW & ACT
Additional Requirement
Is at least one member of the nominee's club willing to assist the Nominee with logistics and general knowledge back-up in providing training to members of the public? *
Compulsory Requirements
To be accepted into the program, the nominee agrees to the following terms.
The Nominee/Applicant will be able to attend a 1.5 day 'train the trainer' weekend. *
The Nominee/Applicant plans to use the knowledge gained in the Leave No Trace awareness program to voluntarily train members of the public. *
The Nominee/Applicant will self-study and prepare to provide training to others. *
The Nominee/Applicant agrees to volunteer to lead a 1 day Leave no Trace Awareness Workshop for the public in the bush (with logistics and attendees arranged by Bushwalking NSW) *
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