Pledge to Save Energy
There are many things that regular West Virginians can do to save energy. The best first step for AEP customers is to get a free "HomeSMART energy assessment" to learn of top priority changes that need to be made. Once you have the knowledge, you can know what changes should be made soon, and which can wait.

In order to encourage greater participation in Appalachian Power’s home energy assessment program and to help Nonprofits and faith communities start to save on their own energy bills. AEP is having a contest and rewards program for people getting their free energy assessment. Every nonprofit “wins” something, as long as they sign some people up but there is a competition component to the program too. Please fill out this form carefully to pledge to sign up your home for a FREE HomeSMART Energy Assessment.
I pledge to schedule a FREE HomeSMART energy assessment completed at my residence through AEP as soon as possible.
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AEP is conducting a competition that helps nonprofits with buildings by giving them $10 credit when people participate in the HomeSMART energy audit. Which church, community of faith, or non-profit would you like to pledge your $10 energy efficiency upgrade credit towards? ( you do not have to belong to this church or group)
A non-profit signs up to participate, encourages members and friends to get a free home energy assessment from appalachian power, and wins a free energy upgrade for its own building. Specifically, the congregation will get a chance to win a $10,000 energy efficiency upgrade, but will at least get $10 worth of energy efficiency improvements for every AEP customer that gets a home energy assessment.
If Not listed above please enter the church or non-profit you would want to receive a $10 Energy Efficiency upgrade credit for your free assessment
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Please ask any question you wish relative to getting an Assessment or the competition.
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