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VOTE ONLINE THROUGH WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10 5:00PM OR VOTE IN PERSON BETWEEN 9:20-9:45am or 4:30-5:00PM BY WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10, 5:00pm. Votes and results are anonymous.

What is this vote for?
Dear Parents,

Your voice and opinion matters, and helps us to improve the Kenny School for all of our students. Please vote for a current parent or guardian based on the options below for our leadership councils! These leadership councils determine school policies and procedures (like whether we have a uniform, the curriculum used in classrooms, how much before and after school programs will cost, and more!) and contribute to the culture of our school by organizing events and fundraisers.

It is important that ALL of our students and families are represented on these councils, with a diversity of race, gender, language and representation of our English Language Learners and Special Education students.

The Role of School Site Council Members
The School Site Council (SSC) is the governing body of the school and is responsible for making important school-wide decisions. The School Site Council meets once per month at the Kenny School. Meeting dates and times are available on the school website at

Current members include:
Principal Bryan - staff
Kerri Anderson - staff (grade 5, general education)
Gina Desir - staff (ESL K-5)
Emma Patton - staff (special education)
Jessica Sareault - staff (grade 4, special education)
Tuyet Nguyen - staff (ESL K-5)

Alumide Adebo - parent (grade 2)
Mario Delci - parent (grade 2)
Erin Hashimoto-Martell (parent, K1, 1)
Karen Plunkett - (parent K2, 2)
Lisa Tarentino - (K1, 2)

Select the nominated candidate below or add a name.

Parent/Guardian Name: Jayson Smith
Race: White / Non-Hispanic
Languages: English
Represents: General Education K0-K1, Grade 1
"I'd like to help in keeping the Kenny School moving in the right direction, like it already is! I'd also like to be more involved in my son's education."

Parent/Guardian Name: Latoya Foster
Race: African American / Black
Languages: English
Represents: Inclusion, Grade 2
"I would like to be more involved in my son's education, and with the entire school community!"

The Role of School Parent Council Members
Kenny School Parent Council (SPC):
Every parent / guardian is automatically a member of the School Parent Council. The Kenny School Parent Council provides an opportunity for families to be more deeply engaged at the school level, partnering with the Principal to improve school culture and outcomes for all students.
Parent/Guardian Name: Fabienne Eliacin
Race: African American / Black
Languages: English, Haitian-Creole
Represents: Special Education, Grade 5
"As a new parent to the Kenny community and school, I want to share my knowledge and experience, and to be an engaged parent in the school. I would also represent the special education program for other parents!"

Parent/Guardian Name: Jessica Waszkiewicz
Race: White / Non-Hispanic
Languages: English
Represents: General Education K0-K1, Grade 1, Grade 4
"I was a co-chair last year and feel as though I learned many new ideas to help the Kenny Parent Council grow and serve the families of our community."

Parent/Guardian Name: Alexandra Dahlbeck
Race: White / Non-Hispanic
Languages: English
Represents:General Education, Grade 2
"I've been an active member of the Kenny's parent council for 2 years now and this year I'm ready to be a co-chair!"

Parent/Guardian Name: Eve Goldberg
Race: White / Non-Hispanic
Languages: English
Represents: General Education K2
"Last year, I started the process to get 501(c)3 status for the Parent Council so that we would have a greater ability to raise funds for the school. We are still in the early stages of a multi-step process and I would like to be able to see that process through to the end and ensure that we successfully become a non-profit."

Parent/Guardian Name: Christopher Martell
Race: White / Non-Hispanic
Languages: English
Represents: General Education K1, 1
"I served in this role last year and would like to continue to represent the Kenny School as our City-Wide Representative!"

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