KCIC Spring 2019 Audition Application
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The KC Improv Company does both short & long form improv. Please indicate upon which your training/performance history is focused! *
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We produce 5 shows every weekend! Are you available at least two Friday & two Saturday nights a month? *
We rehearse every Tuesday in Mission, Kansas from 7pm-9:30pm, and we expect members to be at least 3 of 4 rehearsals a month. That work for you? *
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We will be holding 2 audition sessions on Saturday, April 27th. Please check all times for which you are available! *
We will be holding our callback session on Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00pm. Should you get called back, can you make this time?
If you have a separate resume/headshot you would like to submit, please upload that here! If not, no problem!
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