School Committee Evaluation
We, your elected school committee members, are attempting to do a self-evaluation to better serve our community. We would appreciate your input through this evaluation form to help us on our journey. Just check the appropriate answer and add any comments you feel might give us "food for thought" in this process. Thank you for your time .
1. Adhere to the community's core values in making a decision.
2. Make responsible decisions regarding financial matters .
3. Hear resident concerns at meeting and at large.
4. Give sufficient notice or school committee meetings and agendas.
5. Take action on resident concerns,
6. Stay abreast of curriculum being used.
7. Make informed decisions regarding students, staff and administration.
8. Are able to withstand pressure from special interest groups.
9. Make and implement long range plans in regard to student achievement, capital improvements, and establishing reserve funds.
10. Attempt self-evaluation to ensure continued growth as a committee to better serve the community.
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