CubeKrowd Developer Application
Developers at CubeKrowd get the chance of working in a large-scale environment. It is also a great way of learning to work in a team, collaborating while coding and getting experience you wouldn't have gotten by coding alone.
By applying we expect you to meet the following requirements:
- Have sufficient knowledge in Java.
- Be able to converse in a high degree of English.
- Be familiar with both the Spigot and BungeeCord API.

If you do not meet these requirements then your application will be denied.

What is your Minecraft username? *
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What is your age? *
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What is your Discord ID? *
We use Discord for communication. You can find your ID by looking in the lower-right corner on Discord. It should be in the format of: Username#1234
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What is your email address? *
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List any plugins or projects you have worked on in the past. Remember to provide source-code if the plugin is not open-source. *
Not providing code, obfuscated code or stolen code will be instantaneously denied.
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Why are you applying for this position and why should we choose you? *
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Thank you for applying.
Since all donations go directly back into running the server, this is not a paid position. We are looking forward to reading your application and possibly see you as a new developer on the team! Good luck!
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