Medina City Schools' Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form
The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor that Medina City Schools bestows on its employees. Its purpose is to recognize an outstanding contribution of time, talent or effort to the District. Recipients are positive role models for their peers and exemplary representatives of Medina City Schools. The award is given four times a year with nominations accepted at any time during the year.

Please describe why the person you are nominating is worthy of this award. If several persons are making the recommendation, please combine your thoughts into one nomination.

Consider addressing the nominee's contribution to Medina City Schools, his/her positive attitude, how he/she promotes the District's goals and mission statement, how he/she is a role model, his/her relationship with colleagues and students, and how he/she goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Date of Nomination
Name of Nominee
Position Held
Length of Employment
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Please provide your description on why the nominee is worthy of the Distinguished Service Award.
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