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Finding Common Purpose is a blog about building a 21st Century Social Contract so that more people are born healthy, gain a quality education, secure a well-paying job, and live a healthy and secure life.

It challenges readers from nonprofits, foundations, business, and government to reflect on how their work can contribute to this contract in order to realize population level change and reduce disparities based on race, class, gender, and geography.

Help improve blog content by completing a short survey that takes less than five minutes of your time.

I appreciate your input, feedback, and engagement in creating and sharing thought-provoking content. While I can’t promise to respond to each suggestion I can promise to read anything you have to say.

Andrew Wolk
Founder & CEO, Root Cause

1. Where do you work?
Which of the following most closely matches your job title?
2. How did you get here?
Which channels do you use to access the Finding Common Purpose blog, and how frequently do you access the blog through them?
Weekly Email to Blog Subscribers
Root Cause Email Update
Internet Search
3. Which styles and themes covered in the first twelve posts do you find most interesting? Least interesting?
Rate the following on a scale from 1 (least interesting) to 5 (most interesting).
A Social Contract
Success as a Lifelong Endeavor
Using Data to Improve Lives
Reducing Disparities due to Race, Class, Gender, Geography, etc.
Interview Format
b. Please share any thoughts and recommendations on these or other themes and topics.
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4. How relevant, timely, and interesting do you find blog content?
Rate the following on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much).
Degree of Interest
5. Complete the sentence:
One thing I wish you’d discuss more thoroughly is…
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6. The average length of blog posts is 1,298 words.
What do think about the length of blog posts?
7. How readable - easy to read and understand - do you find the content to be?
Rate the following on a scale from 1 (difficult to read and understand) to 5 (easy to read and understand).
8. Do you follow this blog?
9. How likely are you to share this blog with others?
Rate the following on a scale from 1 (not at all likely) to 5 (highly likely).
10. Complete the following statements:
a. If I’m being totally honest, one specific critique I have is...
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b. One way you can improve the reader experience is...
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c. Anything else to add? Positive feedback and constructive criticism welcome!
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