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The Society for Post-Supersessionist Theology exists in order to promote research and discussion that advances post-supersessionist thought. The Society understands post-supersessionism as a family of theological perspectives that affirms God’s irrevocable covenant with the Jewish people as a central and coherent part of ecclesial teaching. It seeks to overcome understandings of the New Covenant that entail the abrogation or obsolescence of God’s covenant with the Jewish people, of the Torah as a demarcator of Jewish communal identity, or of the Jewish people themselves. The Society welcomes participation from all who seek to advance post-supersessionist theology. It especially seeks to promote perspectives that remain faithful to core Christological convictions; that affirm the ecclesia’s identity as a table fellowship of Jews and Gentiles united in the Messiah; and that engage with Jewish thought and tradition as an expression of ecclesial partnership with the Jewish people as a whole.

At this time membership in the society entails only endorsement of the society mission statement. Members of the society who attend the annual meeting will be eligible to vote on decisions made at that meeting. Both members and friends are welcome at the annual meeting.
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