TWS Y2 411
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. OEA Leadership would like to have your input regarding our Y2 legislative goals and a concerted statewide action as outlined in the email or post that gave you the link to this data collection form. The final question is for you to leave contact information, should you desire, so that we may contact you if we have follow up questions about your responses. Thank you again, Kelli and LeeAnne
In light of where the legislature is at today in the budget negotiations, what would you consider a win? (Please be specific - a number for classroom funding/ESP pay/teacher pay/COLA.)
Follow up: in any of the scenario presented in the previous question, is there a specific dealbreaker for you? (Example, if X doesn't happen then we have no deal.)
Considering the NBI passed at Delegate Assembly, if the legislature passed an education budget before April 1 that consisted of the $30 million in classroom funding, $1,200 teacher pay raise, no support pay raise, and two percent COLA, what action will you commit to taking on April 1 and beyond?
Optional contact information (name/home email/phone number).
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