"Technologies for meeting Clean Growth emissions reduction targets"
A House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry
Submission of evidence by CBMNet
The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the "technologies needed to meet Clean Growth emissions reduction targets". As a network founded to promote Industrial Biotechnology (IB), CBMNet feels it is important to raise awareness of the role IB can play in the government's "Clean Growth" strategy.

Therefore, we are asking for your opinions on how well IB is supported by current government policy/funding with the aim of submitting evidence to this inquiry.

We appreciate you taking time to fill in this short survey.

The Survey...
How could government act to incentivise investment in UK IB?
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How could UKRI better support IB research?
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How can UKRI contribute to addressing the IB skill shortage?
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Would you like to see an enhanced version of IB catalyst as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and, if so, why?
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What key IB infrastructure is lacking in the UK?
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How could access to existing UK scale-up facilities be improved?
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Do you have any other comments you would like to add?
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