UB Pre-Meds Without Borders; Spring Break Brigade Application
Future Brigader-

Thank you for your interest in Pre-Meds Without Boarders, and your interest in empowering communities of Rural Central America! Global Brigades' modus operandi is unique in going beyond volunteerism or donation; rather the vision is to see communities sustain themselves after we've helped them during a week-long brigade. That being - we focus more on educating communities about how to upkeep what we brigaders leave behind for them, and get to know the communities so as to foster energy and excitement in both brigaders and communities themselves for the betterment of us all.

A Medical brigade is an excellent way to expose yourself to the various obstacles impoverished communities might face. You will see individuals exposed to unclean water sources (and thus health problems parasitic in nature), poor household ventilation, and sometimes more serious and rare diseases. When aiding in places where tropical disease is prevalent, coupled with an entirely different healthcare system, we Americaners can not only bring our support, we can bring back a unique perspective, too.

On the brigade, you will be taking vital signs (triage), shadowing clinicians (Gynecology, Primary Care, Dentistry), holding educational seminars (charla) for the kids of the community, and packing/distributing pharmaceuticals (Pharmacy).

You are not alone in your humanitarian efforts - Global Brigades is an organization that seeks to truly break the poverty cycle, and in doing so is partnered with hundreds of Brigades sent from the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. In joining us, you are not only giving yourself the chance to diversify your experiences with professional humanitarian development, but also open your eyes to global citizenship.

We have a cost breakdown as follows:

Medical/Dental | Nicaragua Program Cost:
Global Brigades Program Cost: $990
Initial Contribution & Supplies Cost: $100
Bus to Toronto (where we fly out of): $35
**Flight YYZ - MGA: ~$800
[Total est. Trip: ~$1,925]
**The cheapest flight as of 7/14/2017 for the program dates was $647, so the sooner you apply, the cheaper the flight.

This is a "highest price case scenario", whereas we are going to try and keep this price inside of this range - with expectation that the only way the price would be different if it were cheaper.

On behalf of UB Global Brigades, I hope to see you on a brigade with us!
*Evan Synor
Trip Coordinator, Pre-Meds Without Borders

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