Detroit Matching Preparation Seminar Registration September 15
Parents and Blessed Children 17 years and older, Spiritual Parents and Single First Generation (members for at least one year) are invited to a one day Matching Preparation Seminar. This Seminar will help Parents and Single Members prepare for the Matching, offer suggestions to get started in the Matching process, and support those who are stalled or have gotten stuck in the process, to understand very specific steps they can take to move forward.
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You will have the opportunity to purchase a Matching Handbook for $10 each. Please select which handbooks you would like to purchase. If you would like more than one of a certain book, please explain in the "other" option.
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This half-day Matching Supporter Training Program is a great opportunity to learn how to support Families and Single members in the Matching process. Note that using a Matching Supporter is optional for Families, but required for First Generation members seeking the Matching and Blessing. There is no fee for this program.
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