Ant-vasion: A citizen science project looking to get the ants out of your kitchen
Ever come home to find yourself in the middle of an ANT-vasion? Did you start wondering how to get rid of them WITHOUT using pesticides and other toxic chemicals in your home? So have we!

While there are lots of 'home remedies' for natural ways to remove ants from your home there has been no study looking at which of these methods are most effective. This is why we are looking for your help! Choose a natural deterrent (cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cayenne, lemon, vinegar) and report back to us.

Your participation in this study will help us ant-researcher better understand which natural chemicals work to deter ants the best and in turn your participation will help prevent those who find themselves in an ANT-vasion to remove them safely without putting their family at risk.  

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Did you wipe down the trail with a liquid substance before starting your experiment? If so, with what?
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Which natural repellent did you choose to use? *
Did you place it by their point of exit and entry?
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Why did you choose this particular natural repellent? (any reason- did you like the color, the smell? Let us know!)
What was the weather when the ant-invasion took place? (appx ie cold and rainy, hot and sunny)
What month did the invasion take place?
What is the zip code of where the invasion happened? *
1-2 hours after placing natural deterrent, how did your natural deterrent affect the ant behavior? *
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24 hours after placing natural deterrent, how did your natural deterrent affect ant behavior? *
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Briefly describe the ants you saw during the experiment?
Did you see anything else happen that you want to tell us? Have any questions? Write them below!
Write down THREE adjectives that come to mind when you think of ants!
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