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We will send out emails whenever we receive a paid project to set up online interviews to those who apply - this could take a while so don't worry if you don't receive anything for the time being. The primary factor in our hiring decisions depends on the required team composition and roles for each project. Secondary considerations are methods of payment (wage, units, authorship, etc.) Our least important consideration is experience - we have hired people who had no experience in teamwork or their field of interest in the past, especially within game development, which is why it's okay to not have experience! We take on those who want more experience in development and are willing to learn through the process.
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Includes current occupation such as student, research assistant, professor, doctor, cook, milkman, self-employed, etc. (you can just list Game Hobbyist otherwise), which you can put into "Other.."
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Not important - this is simply for data collection. Can skip if this not applicable to you.
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Current Living Location
Most clients for our projects will be based in the Davis/Sacramento area. We do require in-person meetups at the beginning. The only exceptions for not needing to attend in-person meetings are if you already worked with us, have good experience in your field and in team projects - for this case, we allow long-distance work. Weekly (or bi-weekly) meetups can progress into online meetups after the initial meetings.
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Fields of Interest
*DON'T CHECK IF YOU DON'T HAVE INTEREST!* Check only those you have interest in working in! It is not required for you to have experience in any of these field in relation to game development - for example, you can check Writing if you love to write stories on your own and would like to do so, but never worked on a game with it.
Have experience, but none in terms of Game Dev
Have used this skill in one game project/tutorial
Have used this skill in more than one game project
Highly experienced (Veteran, game dev or not)
Project Management
Programming: Languages (C#, C++, Java, etc)
Programming: Gameplay (Mechanics, events)
Programming: System Architect (Framework, networking, coding practices, etc.)
Engineering: Engine Things (3D Math, Tools, Editor, etc.)
2D Art: Traditional (Non-digital)
2D Art: Digital
2D Art: Creative Director (Able to do some concept art, stylized, illustrator, particle effects, etc.)
Game Design
Design: User Interface / User Experience
Design: Level Design / Environmental Design
3D Art: Modeling
3D Art: Animation
3D Art: Creative Director (Able to do some enviromental, lighting, rendering, materials, particle effects, etc.)
Music: Composition
Music: Sound Effects
Voice Acting
Human Resources & Project Outreach
Other relevant information you would like us to know?
Resumes are only requested when project recruitment details are sent out through emails but if you want to show off anything, elaborate on skills, or tell us anything interesting about you then let us know here! We would also love to hear any questions or feedback!
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Tell us anything about you! (can be fun things)
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