UVM CORA Scholarship Application
ONLY ONE APPLICATION IS NEEDED PER PRACTICE. Please read the overview of the Best Practices Scholarship Program before completing the application. Complete the following questions and submit your application to us by November 30th, 2020.

The Best Practices Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for two days of in-person comprehensive training and consultation at the University of Vermont with Center on Rural Addiction (UVM CORA) faculty and staff experts. It is intended for teams of up to four individuals from rural practices in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, or New York who are hoping to:

1) Learn how to better support patients with complex needs related to substance use disorder (SUD), including opioid use disorder (OUD),

2) Receive extensive training on topics related to OUD and SUD with a specific focus on evidence-based best practices and how to enhance prevention and treatment in rural communities, and

3) Explore issues or challenges occurring within their own practice with other experts in the field and gain the skills and resources necessary to make improvements.

Travel, room and board, continuing education credits, and a stipend for time away from the office are covered by CORA for all participants involved in the program. Our aim in covering all costs is to better support rural practices who may not be able to afford high training expenses or lost work hours.

Questions? Contact CORA@uvm.edu.
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1. In the overview you can find details about core and optional sessions for this program. Core sessions are automatically built into the two-day agenda. Please check the box to indicate if you already have experience or have received training around any of the core sessions listed below: *
2. Please indicate the optional sessions of interest for this program: *
3. Other topics of interest not listed above:
4. What motivates your practice to participate in the Best Practices Scholarship Program? How do you envision utilizing the knowledge gained from this program to improve substance use treatment? *
5. What are the top three issues your practice is facing related to treating substance use? Please keep in mind that the program offers the opportunity to explore these further with faculty during in-depth consultations. *
6. Please describe your practice. Current work setting (ex: Emergency Department, Primary Care, etc.)? Size and scope of team? Areas of specialty? *
7. Approximately how many patients does your clinic serve in a week? *
8. Approximately what percentage of your patient population do you feel is negatively impacted by substance use or addiction? *
9. Approximately what percentage of your community do you feel is negatively impacted by substance use or addiction? *
10. Do you or someone in your practice have a waiver to prescribe Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)? *
11. Which of the following medications do you prescribe routinely? *
12. Please indicate the approximate range of the volume of your prescribing: *
13. Is there anything else that would be helpful for us to know?
The deadline for submitting this application is November 30th, 2020. We will be notifying applicants by December 21st.
Thank you for taking the time to submit this application. We look forward to connecting with you soon. If you have any questions please email CORA@uvm.edu.
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