CWS Reader Survey - End of 2019
Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out my end of the year reader survey. It is hugely appreciated! This reader survey is going to help me to continue to shape the future of CWS. Please, answer these questions kindly. Remember to be open-minded, as sponsored content is how I make a LIVING. Blogging is a job. It's my job. It's my professional career. Please, respect that. :)
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As I'm about to become a mother in February, I'll be incorporating motherhood into CWS. I won't be a full blown "mommy blogger" but I will be sharing about our little girl, products that work for us, and overall, some family content. Nothing else is changing with my content! What do you think? *
Is there anything specific you're wanting to read about on CWS? (In context of the topics I write about) If so, leave your requests below. Thank you! *
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In early 2020, I'll be doing a Question & Answer blog post. I love sharing these from time to time to share FAQs and more, since there are always new faces around CWS. If you'd like a question answered, ask me below! Can be about anything! *
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