Showstoppers 2021 Summer Theatre
Ages 6 to 14 Dates June 14 to 25 Monday thru Friday 9 am to 2 pm. La Colina Jr High
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We will strive to follow CDC Covid- 19 virus guidelines. We would appreciate your input regarding taking temperatures, social distancing, wearing masks when closer than 3 feet, or any other methods that will insure everyone that we are doing our best to keep us all safe. Which of these guidelines are important to you as a parent? Please check the statements which you would support. *
We doing 2 outdoor shows. . There are concerns that standing close together back stage, and sitting in the audience in enclosed spaces may not be a good idea for cast and audience members
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I am enrolling my child for 2021 Summer Theatre. June 14 to 25 at La Colina Jr High. Two-week session, 9 am to 2 pm. or call (805) 699-6077for payment information. Showstoppers will send a link to Pay online on Square. *
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