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This email will be used for all communications about this job and possibly used for PayPal invoices.
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How did you first contact Fox Hop Jewelry? This will help streamline any communication quickly allowing us to find details and notes about your job.
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Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Unknown, Etc. (all items will undergo authentication by Boyd Fox before any work is performed)
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Oval, Round, Cushion, Free Form, Rough, Etc.
Gemstone Weight
If known, please enter the gemstone weight as carats. (5 cts =gram to convert rough)
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Length x Width x depth mm (if known)
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Many times we give a price quote during initial communications. If one was already given please indicate that value in USD here. If not Please leave this section blank.
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Timeframe is based on when item(s) are received by Fox Hop Jewelry. Fox Hop Jewelry tries it's best to meet or exceed your expectations of a timely return delivery; without sacrificing quality of craftmanship. However, Fox Hop Jewelry can not guarantee any delivery date or timeline set forth by the client.
Shipping to Fox Hop Jewelry Details
Please enter shipping provider and tracking number.                                                                                                                                                                                        
Preferred Return Shipping to Client *
Client pays for all return shipping charges. If no options below are checked then return shipping is at the discretion of Fox Hop Jewelry with no liability of shipment outcome under any circumstances are to be placed upon Fox Hop Jewelry at any time.
Insured Returned Shipping Value
Please indicate the dollar amount of insurance you would like (if needed) in USD for your package to be insured with return shipping. Client is responsible for any/all taxes or duties.
Payment Options *
Payment is due once the job is complete. Item can be shipped prior to payment to clients with current good standing. All payments are due net 45 days upon receipt of this invoice. Payments may be made through a check issued to Fox Hop Jewelry LLC. All return check will incur a $35 NSF fee to be added to the customers balance at that time. All unpaid balances will be combined at expiration and may incur a 3.5% interest, furthermore any current repair items will be held by Fox Hop Jewelry LLC until the past due payment is made in full. By choosing a option below,  you agree to all of the terms listed herein in perpetuity.
Please write any further notes, comments, instructions or descriptions regarding this project here.
Legal Disclamer *
Before and after photos/videos may be available upon request. All photos/videos are the property of Fox Hop Jewelry LLC. and may be used at their discretion. Do you allow this on your project?
Understanding of Services and Charges *
Do you fully understand the services and associated charges you are requesting?
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