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Please submit your request a minimum of 14 days prior to the date the funds are required.
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-Please use a separate form for different fund types and/or vendors.
-Debit card purchases are only allowed by Staff and Administrative cardholders.
-Online purchases requiring a debit card must be made in the business office.
-Reimbursements will not be fulfilled if prior written approval was not given for the expense.
-Amounts spent above the approved requested amount will be considered a donation unless prior written approval was obtained to spend additional funds.
-To expedite processing, you must have approval from the Executive Administrator in writing before submitting the request to the business office.
-Collected monies for an event/program should be turned in a minimum of 7 days prior to the date required.
-If the requestor has outstanding fund requests, future requests will not be fulfilled until prior ones are closed out.
-All requests will be processed and placed in your ministry box in the admin office or mailed on Tuesdays.
-Please submit receipts, and monies back to the business office in a Follow-up Fund Envelope within 7 days after your event/program.
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