Northern Potter Middle and High School Parent Survey 2017-2018
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Please read the following statements. Select the response that best describes your belief for each statement.
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I believe that learning is fun at this school for my child.
Rules and consequences for behavior are made clear to all students.
The academic program is driven by a belief that all students can learn.
The school functions in an orderly fashion without being overly restrictive.
Parent/Teacher Conferences focus on students' school performance.
Students are praised and awarded for their achievements.
I can speak to building administration when I need to.
I can speak with my child's teacher when I need to.
Parents are encouraged and welcome to volunteer at school.
I understand the academic expectations for my child at his/her grade level.
I am kept informed of my child's progress on an ongoing basis throughout the year.
I am informed in a timely manner about school events and activities.
The school has a positive image in the community.
The report card format sent home by the school is easy to understand.
How much do you know about the following involvement programs? Select the response that best describes your belief in each statement. *
I feel that I know a great deal.
Know some
Know very little about
Don't know at all
Veteran's Day Assembly 11/10/2017
Holiday Dinner 12/8/2017
Financial Aid Night 11/7/2017
Volunteer Program (Tax Abatement)
Participate in athletics through PAWS (Parents Sport Booster)
Student and Parent Handbook and School-Wide Behavior Plan
Parent Teacher Conferences held 11/9/2017 and 2/15/2018
Parent Portal
School Website
School Facebook Page
NHS Blood Drive
Dual Enrollment Classes through UPB
Co-op credits and working program
Dessert Theatre, District Jazz Band
FFA Banquet
What events would you consider volunteering for? *
What events would you like to see take place that Northern Potter has not hosted? *
What do you find most valuable about our school? *
How would you like to receive information from the school? *
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