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You can use this form to submit information for the Presbytery events calendars. This is the new process for submitting event info of all types: Presbytery Events, Wider Church Events, Congregation Events, Community Events, Ecumenical Events, etc...

Please note that if any needed information is missing, your event cannot be added to the calendar. Please read the form carefully and enter the info that is needed.

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This can be a long response or a short one -- whatever you need to describe the event. If this is sponsored by a church or organization, you can add that information here. You do not need to enter date, time, or location to this field. That information will be collected below. If you already have an event description (like off of a flyer, for example), you can simply copy and paste that info into this field.
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If your event doesn't fit neatly into one category, make your best guess. This will be reviewed before it is posted.
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All Day, or Start and End Time?
Some events (like anniversaries or days of prayer) span an entire day. Others (such as sales, worship services, or lectures) have a definite start and end time. Please indicate below what category your event falls into.
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For recurring events (every Wednesday at 3pm, the 25th of every month, every second Thursday in the first two months of odd-numbered years, etc...) please email the event details to
Unfortunately, this form is not (yet) robust enough to handle that information...
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