Poscoin (8,000 PSC) AIRDROP Round 1
Poscoin is airdropping 8,000 PSC Tokens (800$), you will also earn 2,000 PSC tokens (200$) by referring friends.
If you want to get more Poscoin, ask your referral to enter your Telegram ID.

All you have to do:
Step 1: Follow Poscoin official Twitter: https://twitter.com/poscoinofficial
Step 2: Retweet this event tweet : https://twitter.com/poscoinofficial/status/1002063935955128320
Step 3: Join our Airdrop partner telegram channel : https://t.me/airdropwhale_channel ! MUST turn on notifications

Enter your Twitter username, Telegram username and ETH address. Official stuffs will verify and check your information to make sure if you’ve finished “Step 1”, “Step 2” and “ Step 3”

Rules of the event:
1.After event, if number of people in telegram channel is more than 2500, every event participant will get 500 PSC
2.After event, if number of people in telegram channel is more than 5000, every event participant will get 750 PSC
3.The reward of this event is limited: 50000 KCASH. First come, first served!
4.This event is only for overseas users.
5.After event, our staffs will give out event rewards in 2weeks work days.
6.Poscoin official reserves right of final interpretation of this event.

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